While I am very aware of the benefits that Social Media brings to a marketing strategy – I think that looking into 2010, brands will have to see Social Media as a tool across the whole of their business.

In this regard, I was so pleased to see a national brand such as Telstra embrace the benefits, and acknowledge the limitations of social media in the workplace.

Companies could do a lot worse than take on the concepts that Telstra are advocating – while policies must be put in place regarding the safeguarding of brand reputation and information dissemination, seeing staff that are social media savvy as ambassadors for your company is vital, in my humble opinion.

I would love to hear opinions re the Telstra videos (the intro is below), the concept, and whether there are any elements you feel they are missing.  I am a fan – I even like that they have made the videos in a comic-book style, but without being patronising or cheesy – but am ready to be proved wrong, and happy to discuss:)

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