About Me

Well I’m a 20-something half-English, half-Irish girl living in South London.  To add to the mix I also grew up in Scotland and have lived in the US and Australia: meaning that my accent causes confusion and discussion wherever I go.

My national affiliations, especially in regard to sporting events, are also often a topic of conversation – to me it’s very simple. Ireland is always first, then England if they are not playing Ireland.  If neither Ireland or England are playing then Scotland gets my vote…simples:)

I work for 1000heads as Business Planning Director where my innate OCD tendencies are able to take flight and I get  to work with some amazing people spreading WOM all over the world:)

This blog represents views that are entirely my own with an intention to share those things I see, hear and read that spark my interest. I also welcome any comments anyone might have, so please, get involved!