I’ve talked to bloggers, both personally and professionally and they nearly always say that the first post is the hardest…I was sceptical as quite frankly, many of these people were NEVER lost for words…but you know what, they were right!

I think it’s like when you go into that exam that you are actually prepared for – it’s almost as if you have so much information that you can’t get it down on the page…I love to communicate: I tweet, I use Facebook, I comment on blogs, I email, I Skype and I IM…it seems I just have too much to say:)

So this blog is my ultimate communication device – a place to cover the things that interest/irritate/entertain me – hopefully without boring/offending/misrepresenting people.  It will cover my passions, an eclectic mix from the sublime to the ridiculous including social media, social recruiting, digital marketing, entertainment news, music, sports and quite frankly anything else that catches my eye.

I am a fan of debate and discussion so get involved:) I will do my best to provide fodder:)